A better way to handle property maintenance in rental homes.


The maintenance platform providing the worlds #1 renting experience. We make maintenance easy.

Safety warnings and helpful tips

Self help and safety tips help to reduce risk to tenants and agencies.

All the information at once

Smarts to ask the right questions and to collect all the information upfront.

Star ratings

Feedback brings transparency and comfort.

Trusted by the most forward thinking users

Meet the property management professional's who are delivering wold class service to their clients everyday.

Staff Retention

In an industry famous for high turnover, FIX reduces staff turnover and paves the way for happier and healthier teams.

Client Retention

With more time back in their day, staff can deliver greater customer service resulting in increased client retention.

Reduction of emails

No more overflowing inbox's, no more missing quotes and no more unknowns. FIX collects the important information and keeps maintenance on track.

Time Saved

Inbuilt smarts following up trades, notifying tenants and so much more! FIX gives Property Managers back time in their day.

We're currently integrated with these companies

Virtual Agent and FIX are proudly independent and look forward to discussing our solutions with you.

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Join our happy agencies that are onboard!

  • LeahJay Real Estate
  • Toop&Toop Real Estate
  • JellisCraig Real Estate
  • Heimat Real Estate

  • Professionals Real Estate
  • Realmark Real Estate
  • Pindan
  • The Property Shop

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